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I Hope Phallussy is ok :(
Views: 179 · Added: 50 days ago

Have not seen Phallussy around for many days, and hope he will come back soon. Just not the same with-out him here, I miss his short films and personally :(

Views: 79 · Added: 50 days ago

To ALL my friends that I pm with..I will be traveling to Europe next week and will be away for three weeks. I wish you could ALL join me but I am looking for company for a cruise or two when I return. Anyone interested just hit me up. Always looking for new friends with common interests. See you all in a few weeks...Huggs XXX to all of you.

Every community has its stories. We retell them to remind ourselves of our origins, to note our progress, and to recommit ourselves to each other. We are too wise to believe that one instant in one place in history made manifest our movement for equality. But we can look to the events of June 27-28, 1969 as a moment of tremendous significance -- as a moment when the odds were long against us and we fought back anyway; as a spark -- not the first, not the only, but nevertheless a spark -- which grew into a blaze to burn unjust laws and light the way toward progress. Let us recall the Stonewall Riots.


Im Back!
Views: 69 · Added: 50 days ago

I wasnt that known on here but after a while I got my account back :) id love talking to some new people!

Member Request and Assistance
Views: 52 · Added: 50 days ago

Member verygood18 wrote me about this video: " who are they in this video? if you know can you inform me soon? thanks"...while I did upload it, most of you know I am not a follower of performers so if anyone could help verygood18 out, he would be most appreciative.

Your thoughts about GBT
Views: 542 · Added: 50 days ago

What do you think about GBT how can we make it better

GBT outtage on June 29. What happened?
Views: 147 · Added: 50 days ago

Anybody know what happened to the site last night? It didn't load for hours. I missed it :-(. I had to resort to other means, it just wasn't the same...

Don't you guys LOVE ankle bracelets?!
Views: 96 · Added: 51 days ago

Don't you guys LOVE ankle bracelets?!

north by northwest
Views: 84 · Added: 51 days ago

one of the best moments in film but you may think differently

- giles

Views: 77 · Added: 51 days ago

somebody aked for for humour!!!!! i'f yo american in the living room, what are you in the bathroom?

ur a peein"

cock vids wanted
Views: 232 · Added: 51 days ago

Does anyone have any videos of them dicks that have 2 pee holes in them i know theres a name for this but cannot remember what it is called

Views: 373 · Added: 51 days ago

Random thought of the day: You get one superpower, what would it be.

Views: 215 · Added: 51 days ago

whats the point in this world, all down to money, its not the be all and end all of life, whatst he point really.

Pride Parade First time :)
Views: 78 · Added: 52 days ago

I went to the NYC Pride Parade for the first time with my boyfriend and it was just amazing. We had t-shirts pointing to to each other saying he's mine and everyone was complimenting us on them haha. This day was perfect, i've never felt so accept nd actually belonging somewhere:) I've never been so proud of who i am :) Pride 2014 was absolutely amazing ^^ anyone else go?

First Sexual Experience
Views: 16661 · Added: 52 days ago

Describe your first sexual experience. How old were you? Where did it happen? What happened?

Foreign Internship
Views: 49 · Added: 53 days ago

If you are a young adult man and would like to stay some time in Germany helping at household and work and learning german under pleasant conditions - mail to me.

Views: 206 · Added: 53 days ago

just a random blog never had lobster :) giles

Views: 157 · Added: 53 days ago

shhh dont tell any one im in a field of maize - north by northwest ;) my names cary

What Makes A Great Ass?
Views: 208 · Added: 53 days ago

What would you say makes a great ass?

Its size, its hole, smoothness, etc?
Views: 116 · Added: 53 days ago

a site dealing with your problems/questions

Views: 120 · Added: 53 days ago


In Honor of Pride
Views: 69 · Added: 53 days ago

In Honor of Honor of the fighers at honor for all that have fought so hard to get where we honor of those that gave their lives along the way...may we never forget our history...may we continue to make a better history for those that follow behind us.

Rossi18...some news
Views: 101 · Added: 53 days ago

I am sure many of you remember Rossi18. He has been gone for some time, but he and I have maintained a connection. As he has with some others here. First he asked me to send kisses to all the boys on GBT and you all know who you are that he would kiss. He has also asked me to share some other wonderful news. As most of you are aware, Ross is bisexual. Well he has met a wonderful woman and they are very much in love. And in the not too distant future, our dear sweet Ross is going to be a Papa....yes you heard me correctly. He and his girlfriend are expecting a wee one. He hopes for a son. So join me in congratulating him on his impending fatherhood. He is floating on the clouds in anticipation.

friend with benefit/online buddies
Views: 43 · Added: 53 days ago

hey, i'm so bored and horny. I need to have sex with a hot guy who lives near my place. Does anybody live in Ontario? pls be 18-24 years old. i'm 23 years old. pls inbox me. by the way, i would like to get you know here sometimes. please drop a message in my inbox. thank you.

Views: 65 · Added: 54 days ago

Anyone have the video of the Sampson twins?

Coming out to family
Views: 219 · Added: 54 days ago

So I came out to some more of my family yesterdaay at a family gathering. A lot of crying, shouting and emotion. My uncle who is retired Army was great, others not so much. The denial

Father and Son Relationship restored
Views: 203 · Added: 54 days ago

Once upon a time there was a dad and son who didn't get along good, and it was mostly because the dad never took the time with his son.

How did you feel?
Views: 194 · Added: 54 days ago

The first time you jizzed! :)

Todays giggle
Views: 51 · Added: 54 days ago

Was waiting for the Bus and saw this in the window of an asian Restaurant .Was tempted to order it Haha

Need prayer please
Views: 81 · Added: 55 days ago

I just found out that I have a family emergency so I had to cancel a couple of Dates on my tour and I'm preparing to fly back to the U.S.A. to figure out what to do

A thoughy
Views: 91 · Added: 55 days ago

If you strive to leave the world better than you found it you have the qualities of a world changer.

kissing after rimming
Views: 188 · Added: 55 days ago

will you kiss your partner after he rims you? or you kiss him after your feast.


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