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Billy I love you with all my heart

message me and we can work somethin out

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the mayors car
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Andrew and Jeremy Discover: Anal Sex
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[Continued from "Andrew and Jeremy Discover: Oral Sex"]

"You really want me to wear this lingerie?" Andrew asked as he tugged on the lacey black lingerie that was being held up by Jeremy.

"C'mon," Jeremy teased as he bent down and kissed Andrew on the neck, "you'll look so good in this... I'm getting hot just thinking about it..."

Andrew moaned as Jeremy began sucking on his neck. "Fine," Andrew conceded with a smile, "I'll wear it."

Jeremy got up off the bed and reached down to the nightstand that was sitting next to his bed. He pulled the top drawer open and reached inside as Andrew sat up and began slipping the lingerie on over his head. Andrew looked over and watched as Jeremy pulled out a bottle of lube.

[I hope you're ready for this, Andrew. This is as real as it gets you lucky guy.]

Andrew smiled as he lay back down, lifting his knees and spreading his legs slightly. Andrew then placed his hands on his knees and sensually moved them down over the inside of his thighs as he slowly spread his legs further and further apart, finally stopping once he reached his perfectly smooth boy-pussy. The intense feeling of excitement was apparent on Jeremy's face as he got back up onto the bed and kneeled down between Andrew's legs. Jeremy fumbled with the bottle of lube as Andrew squinted his eyes and bit down on the corner of his bottom lip.

"I want you inside me..." Andrew teased as he began fingering his bum-hole.

[Having a bit of trouble with that bottle of lube there, Jeremy?]

Andrew crossed his legs behind Jeremy and slammed his knees together, placing Jeremy in a helpless vice. "Bang me like a porn star!" Andrew demanded through gritted teeth.

[Damn Jeremy... I had no idea someone's face could get so red...]

Andrew finally reached up and pressed down on the latch underneath the bottle's lid, popping the lid open. Jeremy looked at Andrew as if to say "thank you" as a helpless grin overcame his face. Jeremy then tipped the bottle over and began to squeeze lube onto his hand.

Andrew suddenly reached forward and snatched the bottle of lube out of Jeremy's hand.

[What the hell, Andrew?!]

"What are you doing?" Andrew asked as Jeremy was taken aback by Andrew's sudden reaction. "You gotta lick it before you stick it!" smiled Andrew.

[I don't think Jeremy even needs that lube with all the dribbling he's doing...]

Andrew reached up and scooped the lube out of Jeremy's hand. He then placed it onto his semi-hard dick and began stroking himself as he lifted his ass up into the air for Jeremy.

Andrew closed his eyes and continued stroking himself as Jeremy lowered his face down. Andrew's body jerked slightly as Jeremy placed his hot, wet tongue on Andrew's tender hole.

[Damn... Andrew looks tight...]

"Damn, you're tight." Jeremy said as he continued to eat Andrew's boy-pussy.

"Not for much longer." Andrew admitted as he held up his now fully-erect dick as if to say to Jeremy: "I'm ready to go again".

Jeremy began licking Andrew more vigorously as the end of Andrew's dick began glistening with pre-cum. "Oh yeah..." Andrew expressed in a slight whisper. "Eat my ass..."

Andrew's breathing became heavier as Jeremy got up and, with his left hand, took ahold of Andrew's slippery dick. Jeremy then took his other hand and slowly began sliding his index and middle finger into Andrew's hole.

"You ready for this, baby?" Jeremy asked in a throaty voice as he jerked Andrew off and slid his fingers further down into Andrew.

Andrew, his ass and legs still up in the air, moaned louder as Jeremy suddenly began sucking on his dick. Andrew's body twitched as Jeremy began fingering his hole more aggressively.

[Good idea, Jeremy. You might wanna get Andrew warmed up a bit first.]

"I'm gonna blow again..." Andrew whispered as he reached up and took ahold of his dick.

Jeremy pulled his mouth off of Andrew's dick as Andrew began to quickly jack-off. Andrew's face scrunched up as Jeremy began to finger Andrew with more and more intensity.

Jeremy spit onto his left hand and reached down. He rubbed the spit onto his dick, combining it with the pre-cum oozing out of his still throbbing dick.

Jeremy continued to masturbate and finger Andrew as Andrew suddenly blasted a load of jizz down onto his face.

Overcome with a wave of sudden excitement, Jeremy straightened his back and pulled Andrew's ass down slightly.

[Do it Jeremy! Bang him like a porn star!]

Panting slightly, Jeremy rested Andrew's legs against his shoulders as he slid his bare dick into Andrew's tight bum; being careful not to hurt Andrew too much. Andrew's face contorted slightly as he accepted Jeremy's 7.5-inch long boner.

Andrew could feel a sudden shiver move down his spine as Jeremy began sliding his dick into and out of his tender bum.

Unable to restrain himself further, Jeremy leaned forward and began to hump Andrew faster and harder.

Andrew could feel Jeremy's balls slapping against him as Jeremy plowed Andrew in the missionary position.

"You like that?!" Jeremy asked as his bed began to creak and squeek under the sudden aggressive motion.

"Oh yeah! Give me your dick!" Andrew pleaded as the headboard of Jeremy's bed began banging against the wall.

[Damn! Jeremy's really givin' it to Andrew!]

Andrew let go of his dick and placed his hands on Jeremy's ass, feeling his muscles contract and relax as Jeremy banged him like a porn star.

["Like a porn star"]

Jeremy, sweating from overexertion, scrunched his face up and gritted his teeth as he suddenly pulled out of Andrew and launched a load of spunk over Andrew's head and onto the headboard.

[Oh my...]

Jeremy let out a deep breath as he squeezed the last of the jizz out of his dick. "Damn..." he said as he smiled slightly at Andrew. Andrew returned the slight, but exhausted, smile as he lowered his legs back down.

Jeremy wiped sweat off his face as he lay down onto his back next to Andrew. "Was it worth it?" he asked.

"Oh yeah..." Andrew said as he turned to lay on his side towards Jeremy.

Andrew pressed up against Jeremy and placed his leg over Jeremy's thigh as he caressed Jeremy's chest. "I can't wait until the next time..."

[Damn Andrew, you're insatiable... I like that...]

Jeremy placed his arm underneath Andrew's neck and held him close as Andrew placed himself further onto Jeremy's body. They both closed their eyes and after a few moments, they were both fast asleep.

[This is the end of Andrew's and Jeremy's first little adventure, but they'll be back...]

my sunday bored sex quiz
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have you ever had sex with...

An Open Letter to Porn Producers
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I've sent this, in various forms, to a number of pay-sites:

The responses (when I've gotten one) have varied from the ridiculous "our models say they don't like having someone get them off, as the climax isn't as good," to "we've tried, but, our models say they can't cum with someone doing them," to "sounds like a great idea, we'll start doing that," which they never do.

On the last pay-site I subscribed to (won't mention their name, but, it's definitely one of the major sites), the subscriber forum was filled with requests like no avail.

Wish I had the money to set up my own

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Write one fetish. your main one !

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hay is there any body ells in the a/c and heating buss in here

Food for thought
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I kmow where you live
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cute boy
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Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation

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does anyone out there have any videos from this web site? i know of a few on here but am looking for more. can any of my friends help? id appreciate it

Towards a more secure GayBoysTube
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1) On the video player: This wonderful, and truly one of a kind, website should switch to the HTML5 player, which it already has and only needs to turn it on by default.

See someone you know personally on here?
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I was taliking

cute boy
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mountain biking
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my daily commute yikes

Help Save the Life of Member
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I just wanted to repeat this blog I saw, about toby11467 its very important we all try support each other especially in times like this


The Subliminal Queen.....
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Her LGBT show of support is SO Clever. :)

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Does any one else live in Wisconsin and if so where? Private message me if you want to as well!

someting new
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i'm looking thru various photos/vids now and it seems like it's getting harder to find some really good materials i do like something that's beautiful

Happy Re-unification Day to Germany
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I just learned that today is the anniversary of the wall coming down. As somebody that spent time in both the DDR and the BRD I know how great it is that there is now one Germany. Party on!

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Video - "Male physical" - Patient 71
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I like Films playing Doctor/young Patient by bodycheck. I love Vids "Male physical" and "Patient 71"? Thanks for this Films.


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