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This is a such a great website with great people. Thanks for all your support. Yeah, I read your blog posts and messages and am thankful that bullier map189 is gone. I couldnt stay away for long--plus I need to get mah freak on! HA!

in the woods today 2
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these imps and pixies are pesky they trip you up snagg brambles in your hair cut your hands with thorns and pee in your boots and throw mud at you for a laugh they also encourage cows to hassel and dogs to chase you still if you catch one and stroke it gently their ok - giles

feel the need.
Views: 89 · Added: 44 days ago

really annoys me when you feel the need for a wank and can't get any time alone :(

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Michael G. Long, Editor, Gay Is Good: The Life and Letters of Gay Rights Pioneer Franklin Kameny,
takes a compelling and thought provoking look into Fred Rogers life and sexual orientation.

Read it here:

Beware of Sexygentleman
Views: 98 · Added: 44 days ago

He's promoting a bogus site on his page.

Don't click on it!!!!

On Oct. 26, 2014, last weekend, the 2014 Just for Men World Beard and Moustache Championships took place inside the spectacular, 3,000-seat Keller Auditorium in downtown Portland, Oregon. Approximately 300 contestants competed in 18 different categories. After a fierce day of competition the judges declared Madison Rowley the champion. On hand to capture the festivities was photographer Greg Anderson.

You can see the entire 202-picture album on Gregs Facebook page:

once upon a time
Views: 101 · Added: 45 days ago

time and tide wait for no man i am lost alone hey ho pic up sticks and just carry on i guess

Views: 94 · Added: 45 days ago

so much to choose from
Views: 66 · Added: 45 days ago

some of the vids on here leave you licking your lips wanting more :P

Views: 62 · Added: 45 days ago

Villafane Studios is home to three incredible artists that specialize in creating the most jaw-dropping pumpkin carvings you have ever seen. Started by Ray Villafane in 2004, he is joined by Andy Bergholtz and Chris Vierra. The trio travel the globe demonstrating their amazing talent and have won countless events and competitions.

my daily fear ...
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Oct 30th
Views: 86 · Added: 46 days ago

How did we miss it? Oct 30th was National Power Bottom Appreciation Day. Still celebrating.

Books by Robin Reardon
Views: 68 · Added: 46 days ago

read 1st comment

the house (edit)
Views: 101 · Added: 46 days ago

Costumes to have sex in
Views: 76 · Added: 47 days ago

I think maybe I'd dress as a Merman or maybe as a very young Harry Potter (unbelievable, but fun!).

gay books
Views: 588 · Added: 47 days ago

anyone have good book recommendation? i am reading will grayson, will grayson. it is not porn, i found it at the librabry. but a good story of two 17 year olds dicovering themselves. i also recenlty read dante ad aristotle explore the wonders of the universe. great story of two mexican boys in the US, best friends, one gay, one is not. you get it.

horny halloween
Views: 58 · Added: 47 days ago

you can BOO me or blowme either way i'm getting a "treat" tonight ;)

KIK Trade
Views: 41 · Added: 47 days ago

Who else does use kik messenger for trading?

Real Spy videos
Views: 52 · Added: 47 days ago

I love watching Spy vids, but they are so hard to find :(

Happy Halloween
Views: 54 · Added: 47 days ago

happy halloween to all GBT users :P
hope you give more treats (wink wink) than tricks. :P

Views: 46 · Added: 47 days ago

Anyone know of any other videos with the tanned boy (Gamlet) in this video? I've only ever seen him in this video, another with Pasha, and one with him and another boy fucking a girl. Hopefully he did more but maybe there are just the three.

first time
Views: 297 · Added: 47 days ago

when was the fisrt time you had a solo wank or did it with a guy?

mine was: solo and in a school bathroom and with my best friend in my room.

Wicked boys
Views: 70 · Added: 47 days ago

Happy Halloween to all my friends at GayBoysTube.

Answer in the first comment.....

Views: 38 · Added: 48 days ago

hola quien para chat un rato

Views: 585 · Added: 48 days ago

AWESOME Halloween Light Show!
Views: 53 · Added: 48 days ago



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